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Monthly “Sheikh Hasina Free Health Camp” – Bashgram, Bagulat UP, Kumarkhali Upozia, Kushtia -08/04/2016 7 no Bagulat Union, Banshgram, Kumarkhali Upozila, Kumarkhali Upozila, Kumarkhali-Khoksa, Kumarkhali-Khoksha, Public Health Development & Support, Public health development and support, Sheikh Hasina Health Camp, Sheikh Hasina Health Camp

বাঁশগ্রাম মাসিক হেলথ ক্যাম্প -০৮/০৪/২০১৬ | Banshgram Health Camp3 _8_April_2016

Today (08/04/2016) our team organized “Sheikh Hasina” free health camp at my residence “Annupurna” (Bagulat UP, Kumarkhali Upozila, Kushtia District) . The camp has served 250+ patients and served free medicine.

We usually arrange this camp once in a month in unprivileged community in remote rural areas of kumarkhali-khoksha. This is one our special initiative to provide healthcare services to meet the immediate health care needs through standalone camps. Customized health camps are organized extensively offering comprehensive health services – curative, preventive, promotive and referral, to a large number of people.


Sufi Welfare Foundation supports us with Finance. Gurukul Health Club supports us with doctors.

#‎TeamSufiFaruq arranges the camp with the help of locality.

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