NEW DELHI, January 10, 1972


In z voice with emotion, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman told the hyge gathering Bangladesh and its will never forget your prime Minister. yur Government and brave armed force and your common people who have extended all sympathies and support to their suffering and struggle.

The sheikh, dressed in a grey suit and a dark brown overcoat, drove to the grounds accoumpanied by the Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi immediately after he was accorded reception at Delhi Airport. Speaking  in Bengali, the Bangadandhu said never in the history of man had such brutalities been perpetrated as the Pakistan had done Bangladesh. He said that he believed in the ideals of secrularism, democracy, freedom of man and peace in the world.

As he was overwhelmed be emotion, the Bangabandhu said he could not help this for he never knew that he would live to his Sonar Bangla.

The Pakistan army had killed one million people of Bangladesh. India had looked after ten million people who had been forced out of Bangladesh.

His first words of address were: Shrimati Indira Gandhi ladies and gentlemen present.

Wave after wave of applause greeted the Banglabandhu as he rose to address the mammoth gathering.

He said that he was returning to his people, afree but sad people. He had lost a large number of his friends, who had been slaughtered by the Pakistan army, whose homes had been burnt and their honour taken away.

HW repeatedly spoke of the unity of feelings beteen the people of Bangladesh and of India, in their ideals and beliefs. He hoped that his country, Sonar Bangla, would prosper amid undying friendship between the two countries.

He said India had fed 10 million people of Bangladesh despite its own peoblems. I know this.

Till two days ago he was a prisoner and did not know whether he would be free and be able to go back to Bangladesh see his people and fulfil my hope.

Sheikh Mujib said great tasks lay ahead of him on his return to Bangladesh. He said he could never forget the help given by the Indian armed forces for the liberation of Bangladesh. Never before in the history of freedom struggles had any nation paid so colossal a price for freedom as the people of Bangladesh had done.

He ended his speech with a shout of Jai Hind, Mrs Gandhi then joined him bu hailing Jai Bangla.