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গান খেকো

Happy birthday Satyendranath Dutta

Today is the birthday of Satyendranath Dutt, the ‘magician of the rhythm’. In his poetry, he was described in this adjective for the merits of the use of words, words and language. This Bengali poet…

Jagjit Singh’s Birthday today

“Tumko dekha yeh khayal aya, Jindegi Dhup Tu Guna Saya. Tum chale jaoge to sochenge, Hamen Kaya Khoya, and Hamein Kya Paya. ” Jagjit Singh’s voice was fluttering in front of the ear when Gajal…

Young people will have to make decisions...

In 2008, considering the social challenges and prospects of Bangladesh and the various socio-economic societies, especially on the expectation of youth, Awami League announced the “Vision 2021” pashashashi slogan “Digital Bangladesh”. Many people consider this…

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