“Career Advice Meeting” will be held in Kumarakhali next Saturday

The main objective of carrier thinking is to benefit the mankind and the country with personal success by utilizing the potential of the brain. To make this idea a little easier, on Saturday, October 14, the science and technology secretary of Kushtia district unit and Youth Bangla Culture Forum President Sufi Farooq Ibn Abubakar is going to be held in Kumarkhali, the most desirable “job counseling meeting” of educated youth of the current time. The unemployment problem is the first. The right direction for educated youth is right These workshops will be conducted by successful professionals and human resources management instructors of different sectors to make the announcement. This is mainly for students of all colleges and universities, and those who are present in the jobless can also participate. In fact, the demand for one profession is one type of attribute. Which is suitable for a profession to go to On the basis of these qualities and personal interest, it is necessary to calculate which profession will be employed in the profession. In our country, the opportunities are very inadequate in the proportion of the population. In this situation, the achievement of a beautiful job has become truly meaningful. On Saturday, October 14, Successful texts will tell a few hours to the main person with different information Apart from Kushtia district unit, science and technology secretary Sufi Faruque Ibn Abubakar will be present as special guest. BRAC’s Human Resource Training Specialist Rasen Bin Ahsan, Kumarkhali Upazila Education Officer, Kushtia Gurukul’s Legal and Admin Shamim Rana, Tanvir Ahmed, Khairul Islam and many more will be present. With Sufi Faruk on behalf of Bangladesh news on “Career counseling” When contacted, he said that this initiative is aimed at creating our children for the purpose of establishing themselves in the planned knowledge-based economy of Sheikh Hasina’s Digital Bangladesh and Sajeeb Wajed Joy. Our unemployed youth can do something good if we can get the right guidance, and the evidence has been proved many times. We have been doing ‘profession and counsel meetings’ to build this educated young society as a skilled manpower and a valuable asset of the country. “A’ career advice The purpose of the meeting is to make young and young people timely. Apart from this, Kumarakshi Khoksa is also looking forward to taking the future profession of youth and youth. Professional training will be provided in the hands of various professional candidates for the purpose of making the CV, making the CVs successful, and with the help of “Skill Assessment”. This is being done by the Department of Science and Technology of the Kushtia District unit of Bangladesh Awami League, all associate-brother-in-law of Kushtia district. To help the organization’s leaders and activists in their respective areas I’m kindly requesting.


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