A humble tribute Akshay Kumar Maitreya

Akshay Kumar Maitreya was organizing the reconstruction of the history of Bengalis – the pioneer in the movement-in efforts. Rather than distortion of history, the importance of research, observation and science-based research has given importance to truth. In the way the history of Bengalis was being recorded in foreign hands, he presented the horizon of history in scientific method.

Literature, language, culture Akshay Kumar Maitreya has significant contribution in painting and archeology. It is believed that after influencing his discretion, Kumar Sharat Kumar Roy established the Varendra Research Society (1910-1963 AD) and the Varendra Research Museum (1910 AD).

Akshay Kumar Maitreya | অক্ষয়কুমার মৈত্রেয়
Akshay Kumar Maitreya | অক্ষয়কুমার মৈত্রেয়

Rabindranath said, ‘… he will be very happy in Banga Saha for the era of independence that he has introduced in the history of Bengalis.’

Ramesh Chandra Majumdar, historian of historian, Akshay Kumar Maitreya, wrote, “He had enough enlightenment in Sanskrit and he also made scholarly discussions in various sections of Bengali and Sanskrit literature. But it is especially famous for historical writings. He wrote a famous historical book, ‘Sirajuddaula’ (1898) and ‘Mir Qasim’ (1906 AD), and he got a special reputation in the society.

With the help of the original document, he tries to preserve his true history, and conveys many common concepts inaccurate. He is the guide to the history of this type of Bengali language. His subsequent work, Gaur Wrathamala (1912 AD) introduces his outstanding scholarship. In this book, he published the copperplates and inscriptions of Bengal’s Palarajsin with Bengali translation, he has made the path of research on the history of Bengal.

Poet Nazrul Akshay Kumar met at Maitreya’s last time, saying, ‘Who can revive the curse and revolt history can not die.’

Akshay Kumar Maitreya was born on 1 March 1861 in Shimulia village of Nawapara thana of Kushtia district. In his studies, Kangal Harinath (Harinath Majumdar) was introduced to him. He passed Entrance from Boalia English School (now Rajshahi Collegiate School) in 1878, FA from Rajshahi College in 1880, BA from Presidency College in 1883 and Bachelor of Law from Rajshahi College in 1885. In the same year he started law business in Rajshahi Do it.

He was the leading lawyer of Rajshahi district. Akshay Kumar Maitreya was one of the founders of Rajshahi Silk-Industrial School. He was the editor and teacher of the school at one time. While acting as Commissioner of Rajshahi Municipality, he accelerated the urban infrastructure of the city and accelerated cultural development activities. At the beginning of the Diamond Jubilee Industrial School, he provided enough support to the school. Even as an honorary instructor of the school, he taught the students silk farming techniques. He was involved with several Sanskrit plays. He was well known as a good cricketer and painter.

Bengali historian and social worker Akshay Kumar Maitreya left the last breath of 10 February 1930.

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