Career Counselling for Rural Youth

Career Counselling for Rural Youth: This project has been taken for the youth of Kumarkhali-Khoksha, to prepare the young generation for Digital Bangladesh built by Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the honourable prime minister’s worthy son and ICT Affairs Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy’s future Bangladesh with a knowledge-based economy.

Through these meetings, the youth get to know what types of opportunities the government is creating for them through the current developments, the types of doors to limitless opportunities to be opened till 2041, how they can use those opportunities to change their fortunes.

The youth are informed of the ways to become successful professionals and entrepreneurs at these meetings. Besides they are informed of issues that need to be kept in consideration for interviews and CV preparation methods for jobs. After assessment of primary expertise at these meetings, advice is given on which free course of the advisory meeting on profession would yield benefits if joined.

[ Career Counselling for Rural Youth ]

Time of Establishment Number of Programmes Number of Beneficiaries Current Standing
2010 104 + 1500 + Ongoing
Source of Finance Government Grant Other Organisational Assistance  
Self Has not been taken Has not been taken


Career Counselling for Rural Youth
Sufi Faruq’s Career Counselling for Rural Youth, Dhokrakol Degree College, Ambaria Union, Khoksa, Kushtia, 30.10.2017