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CIO/IT Managers: Importance of Role Uncategorized

The prominence of the CIO position has risen greatly as information technology has become a more important part of business. The CIO may be a member of the executive board of the organization, but this is dependent on the type of organization. CIO as a job title originated in the US, but is slowly replacing

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A short biography of Lalon Shai -by Sufi Faruq Uncategorized

Sufi Legend Lalan Shai, brought by Goraiin a time long gone. World’s greatest spiritual dervish, Put to sleep on the banks of the river Kaligang, While his thousand ektaras wake up Bangladesh. Whom did the flowing Gorai bring? Who is termed as the world’s greatest spiritual dervish? Who sleeps by the bank of the river

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Creating Chief Information Officers (CIO) for the future Uncategorized

The job descriptions of an ‘Information Officer’ or an ‘ Information Technology (IT) Manager’ are no longer limited to IT hardware and software maintenance and MIS operations (Management Information Systems), even in Bangladesh. Multinationals and local conglomerates have realised that IT translates to more than running the day-to-day automated business operations. When used strategically, it

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Combating Cybercrime – A Bangladeshi perspective Uncategorized

Computer literacy in Bangladesh is steadily on the rise. There is also a growing number of Internet users; cellular phone is widespread and so is accessibility of technology like SMS. While even a few years ago computers were vastly used as digital ‘typewriters’, they are now being employed to maintain accounts worth tens of millions

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CIO Wheel Uncategorized

Equity Entrepreneurship Fund (EEF): Reaching those who deserve most Uncategorized

The Equity Entrepreneurship Fund (EEF) of Bangladesh Bank was initiated to promote and finance small and medium entrepreneurs. Industrialisation through aiding potential businesspersons in prospective fields is one of the primary goals of this initiative. Like many other noble ventures in Bangladesh, EEF, too, met its end due to rampant corruption. It is pleasing to

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Global Sanitation Hackathon 2012 – Opportunity for young entrepreneurs Uncategorized

This December 1-2, civic technologists will team up with subject matter experts in an intensive marathon to find innovative solutions to challenges facing the sanitation sector. The event, sponsored by the World Bank in partnership with dozens of local and global partners, will take place around the World Toilet Summit (December 3, 2012) simultaneously in

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Bangladesh CIO Summit 2012 Uncategorized

I-Station Limited and UBM India, a part of UBM PLC, UK have organized jointly second edition of The Bangladesh CIO Summit (2nd edition) on 8th November 2012 at the Ruposhi Bangla, 1, Minto Road, Dhaka The Bangladesh CIO Summit will provide Bangladeshi top level IT executives have got a unique opportunity to interact with innovative

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