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Everyday high towers are built, where an architect’s job is not easy. And urbanization can not be taken in any way by excluding architect. With the aesthetic sense of architecture, the new buildings of the new city will be created by their hands. There are various aspects of this branch. Someone can specialize in Landscape Design, anyone can work as an Urban Planner or someone to rebuild ancient architecture. In this profession, there is also the role of development in the development of the country and nation as well as in its development. There is a lot of income opportunities besides intellectual development here. In government, the demand of architects is also very comprehensive in the private sector. Details are Shams Biswas.

Architect: Architect is a creative career. Engaging with this profession can easily be established as a creative person. If you do not want to work, you can start a business independently and start a business. An architect does not only beautify any establishment, but also seeks to establish the structure in terms of reality and historical continuity. For example, the architect’s role is to create the Shapla flower of Shapla Chattar located at National Memorial, SAARC Fountain, Hatirjheel, Motijheel. Apart from this, architect’s thinking is also important in constructing famous buildings such as parliament building. It creates the identity of creativity, as well as the opportunity to be known for its reputation in country and abroad. In order to meet the needs of people’s housing, architects work with various schemes for different groups. It’s a matter of pride for anyone to be an architect or architect. High income and social status – both have been acquired through being architected.

Why Architecture: Design Before You Build A Design He designed the architect or architect. A architect ensures that the establishment is environmentally safe, risk-free and secure. As the students of the Architectural Department, the position will be known about the world’s affairs. There are opportunities for education in the public and private universities of the country. There are opportunities to earn honors and master’s degrees for different periods.

Job Opportunities: To set up a planned urbanization and satellite city to cope with the increasing population pressure in the country’s low-income and semi-residential areas, there is a great challenge in front of a successful architect or architectural company. The organizers of this field understand the widespread need of institutional, theoretical and practical learning personnel on architectural issues to make them cheerful and timely in building design, sustainability, artistic and aesthetic. In view of the increasing demand, there was an increased possibility of architects. Some companies, including one at a time, involve architectural issues in the field of dhakakendra-building design, but now major cities in Dhaka and beyond have the legal obligation to provide architectural design support for building and other infrastructure. In recent times, emphasis is placed on filling the commercial level with demand related to customer establishment, building firmness, long stability, spectacular aesthetics in the face of disaster, etc. It is emphasizing the need to fill in the rapidly expanding architectural field. There are many architectural consultancy firms in Bangladesh that lack adequate manpower to work. There are many fields of architects in our country. At the government level, the Directorate of Architecture, Rajuk, KDA, RDA, CDA, DCC, KCC, RCC etc. Architectural firms and designing institutions and organizations involved with real estate are now more likely to have job opportunities for architects. There are work opportunities abroad too. For example, our architects have a great demand in different countries of North America, Australia and Europe. 30-40 percent of the people working in various institutions of these countries were students of various universities of the country.

Studies: Those who have passed SSC and HSC examinations in the Department of Architecture, are admitted once in a year according to the GPA standard in their public and private universities. For admission in the Department of Architecture, most of the universities have to take part in the Free Open Drawing Examination. The study of architecture is comparatively expensive. Private universities can cost up to Tk 6-8 lakhs. But the cost of public universities will be much lower. But because the number of seats is limited, there will be strong competition to be admitted in this regard.

Successful Architectural Values: The qualities needed to be a successful architect are: The main condition of being a good architect is being creative. Keeping in mind the design of large and large buildings in the country and abroad. Understanding the socioeconomic status of the client, the appropriate plan is to be given. Good communication skills should be convinced to clients. Being successful does not have to be successful, it is very difficult to succeed in this profession. Work must be highlighted by your talent. If you are capable of taking timely timely decisions, it will be very easy to succeed in a career.

Income-earning: An architect gets 20 thousand rupees in the beginning of the job. However, if he is able to show his work skills within six months, then his earnings may increase greatly. A skilled architect earns an estimated two to two and a half lakhs a month.


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