Ending free tailoring training, an initiative of ‘Pesha Poramossho Shobha’ in Dhokrakhol

ধোকড়াখোল গ্রামে পেশা পরামর্শ সভার ফ্রি সেলাই প্রশিক্ষণের সমাপনী
Ending free tailoring training of ‘Pesha Poramossho Shobha’ in Dhokrakhol

To make women economically self-sufficient in Khoksha and Kumerkhali of Kushtia 4 constituency, free tailoring training of ‘Pesha Poramorsho Shobha’ facilitated by Sufi Faruq is going ahead. 18th April, Wednesday the free course of tailoring has ended in Dhokrakhola village of Ambaria Union of Khoksha Upozilla.

In the final session of the programme the chief facilitator Sufi Faruq Ibn Abubokor hasn’t present but with a statement he relates that economic self-sufficiency is must for women empowerment. To have this, the training course is being operated. My mission is to create an educated, skilled and prosperous generation. And to create such it’s must to make our women educated, skilled and self-sufficient. That’s why our free training is for them.

We have conducted this free training under Pesha Poramorsho Shobha, motivated by honorable PM Sheikh Hasina’s philosophy, IT specialist Sufi Faruq further added. They haven’t spent any money from admission to conclusion of the training. For them this is a gift on behalf of my leader Sheikh Hasina. In this session trainees have learnt to make 20 to 32 items of daily-necessary items of wearing. They also have learnt scaling, cutting and overall important necessities. To teach these techniques every trainee goes through one to three months training. After ending first phrase successfully, they can use this skill lifetime not only for household needs.

It’s seen in others training centres of us, many of the women started working commercially. And those who are not capable of buying tailoring machine, for every 50 of them a project has been taken to found “Sheikh Hasina tailoring Training Centre’ and this is conducting step by step. These centres are running on community basis. They will get the total money for their tailoring. And by this way onetime they will buy machine with their savings.

To merge with mainstream economy the franchiser has motivated to put together a cooperative in every group. Steps are being taken to initiate contract with mainstream entrepreneurs. The franchiser have said, numerous schemes will be initiated to enhance their gradual capacity and economic capabilities. He informed, my purpose is to bring an educated, proficient and well-mannered generation. In every village ‘Sheikh Hasina Community tailoring Centre’ will be found to facilitate mass people. From where, the poor and backward women will have their needs.

Free tailoring programme have ended in four villages of Sadki union, three from Chappra of Kumarkhali and another one in Khoksh by now. Today, this has finished in Dhokrakhola of Ambaria in this Upozilla. Besides this, the training is going on Khoyer Chara in the town, Keshobpur of Joboyra union and ambaria in khoksha.chief coordinator of “Pesha O Poramorsho Shobha” Md. Khairul Islam has said, as a gift on behalf of Sheikh Hasina, Sufi Faruq Bhai has ventured this free training under “Pesha O Poramorsho Shova” to make women self-sufficient. Some of the team already finished their training under Sufi Faruk’s Poramorsho Shobha. After training, those are not capable of buying tailoring machine, Sufi Faruk bhai has provided an opportunity of “Sheikh Hasina Community Tailoring Centre”. And there, trainees will able to buy tailoring machine with their own money.

Trainer of this project MST Shapla Begum said, ‘By now, we have finished some of our team’s training courses. After successfully ending the training, they will able to use their capabilities not only household needs but as a means to be self-reliant. Everyone takes training here has learnt fitting, cutting, tailoring and all along of almost 25 items within one to three months. Free training course of Pesha Poramorsha Shobha franchised by Sufi Faruk will help local women to become self-sufficient. For taking such an initiative she has thanked Sufi Faruk, Science and Technology Secretary of Kushtia Zilla AL on behalf of all others of the centre.

Shokhina Khatun got training from community tailoring centre said, I have got free training from Sufi Faruk’s ‘Pesha Poramorsho Shobha in Kustia-4, that is run for making women self-reliant. I have learnt measurement, cutting and all along with tailoring.

Another one trained from community tailoring centre Sraboni Khatun have told that Pesha Poramorsho Shobha of Sufi bhai is providing free training to make women self-dependent in Kushtia-4. One has got one to three months training from here constantly. In this session, they have trained to make 25 different items of necessary dresses. This training will help our women to be self-dependent as well as to assist their family.