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A global paperback by local tech prodigy (ISP Setup Manual review by The Daily Star)

The Daily Star >> StarTech >> Ridwan A Kabir >> Date: Sat. May 28, 2005
THIS week we have a different flavour for the StarTech geeks, specially the ones interested in ISP setup and Networking. Tech enhancements of the country has reached higher grounds through ventures that has been initiated by, Sufi Faruq Ibne Abubakar, a local technologist, who has recently impended a international standard tech book titled ‘ISP Setup Manual’.
The book, first of its kind from a local author, deals with ISP maintenance and is currently available in the local market. Having a price tag of Taka 390, it is a comprehensive compilation on guidelines and training aspects of ISP support and in-depth world-class techniques on networking and its discretion.
“This book is a step-by-step practical manual that can be used as a cook-book,” mentioned Faruq, who is working as the senior IT manager for AKTEL, one of the leading mobile phone operators of the country, at present. While talking to StarTech, Faruq also mentioned how the book contains necessary essentials starting from the planning phase with additional procurement and deployment along with the required maintenance and monitoring needed by any ISP to stepwise build a proper system structure. Vital features, such as resource distribution and security, along with nominal basics such as acquiring government license, cyber resources, equipment resources and all other initial formalities are also imparted in the contents.
Faruq has stood as a technologist for about seven years in the field of system administration and networking, working for several ISPs including BTS Communications (BD) Ltd. and Western Networks Ltd., while his experiences as a trainer in the field has inspired him to sum up such contents within the bindings, allowing it to be a tested guideline for learning ISP facts. The author has also been a consultant for Greenfield Consultants Ltd., while he has been a speaker for South Asian Network Operator Group (SANOG).
“The book is designed in such a way that the readers may be able to execute all essential tasks followed by the items presented in it,” said Faruq while mentioning about avoiding in-depth details which may further confuse a prospective learner, although all necessary resources and references are cited within to facilitate the reader on the cardinals. While current ISP related books in the market provides specific in-depth knowledge on typical criteria, such as the operating system or hardware, which may confuse a beginner in finding out exact practical steps to execute a task. A sketch presentation on ISP systems is also included in the book, while a detailed guideline for collecting each essential resource for a typical ISP setup further enhances reader’s experience.
Starting with choosing the right operating system, the author has included schemes such as building a Ethernet based LAN, internet connectivity and traffic routing, bandwidth allocation using cable and wireless, router configuration, VSAT equipment installation, bandwidth manager, along with DNS server troubleshooting, mail, web, FTP servers etc., tower and lightning arrester installation, hardware setup for dialup service, monitoring utilities and security essentials, client-end setup and many more. One may assume that networking knowledge to some extent is necessary to make a complete use of the manual, Faruq confirmed that a common understanding of any UNIX operating systems, along with communication models, network devices and protocol tools is needed to have a complete understanding of the manual.
“In parallel to beginner level setup strategies, it also covers most of the required corporate level networking essentials,” Faruq added, mentioning how IT administrators and corporate executives may as well use this book as a reference handbook. “Sometimes you would find senior level IT administrators barring their juniors from attaining experience on expensive equipment,” Faruq points out, “They will have a chance to dig in all that and more from this book.”
While the nation’s telecommunication fields are encompassing greater dimensions from both private and public sectors, the current bodies of local graduates recently has developed an inclination towards the emerging telecommunication industry. Such a primer will essentially denounce nominal level friction often encountered by IT students on networking aspects. “I will not be surprised to see the manual getting added in the local university curriculum,” Faruq said hoping that the ISP manual may have a good chance of getting included as a course reference for the different universities offering telecommunication majors.
The manual comes with a compact disc (CD), which includes all the required software and utilities required for setting up and operating a standard local ISP. The CD also contains a collection of pictures and videos of equipments, related references and brochures. A glossary serves with a compact and concise definition of the most crucial and introductory terms in the field, while the two appendixes contain lists of resources from where further containment may be pursued from the readers’ ends.
The international standard paperback of the book, a courtesy by Konok Aditya, art director, Shaptahik 2000 is bound to capture any reader’s eye along with the outstanding paper quality and prints, It is essential to see how the section for network security starts with a picture of a tin-door written “Bina onumotite probesh nishedh”, which stands for ‘No Entry’. Such a creative outlook rescues the reader from the monotonous and boring approaches of usual Tech publications.
The book has been published by Sufi & Associates, a science and technology related Publication Company, which focuses on professional writing on different technological profiles and aspects from the wide world of IT.
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