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Farewell Annapurna Devi

Hariprasad Chaurasia was right-handed flute player. It was established as well.
He gave up that career, changed his hand, only to get training of music from Annapurna Devi (Rowshan Ara Begum).

Goddess had the condition – to learn from her, all previous teachings have to be forgotten, have to learn from the very beginning.
Stubborn Chaurasia promised to fulfil the conditions. In the rest of his life, he did not play the flute by his right hand once.
Seeing the devotion of the disciple, Devi gave him all her music. Not only music, but she also gave him discipline of food and exercise – prayer and rest. Over the years, he had developed the Hariprasad Chaurasia of today.

Chaurasia’s learning from Devi is probably turned 46 years Today, ended with Devi’s departure.

Today, Devi’s identity is being written – Baba Ostad Alauddin Khan Sahib’s daughter and disciple. Some people write Ravi Shankar’s wife.
But I think the biggest identity of one teacher is his students. The teacher’s height is understood by seeing the disciple.
It is understood that if she wouldn’t have stopped playing publicly, or wouldn’t have left recording, what kind of surbahar we could be fortunate to hear!! How unfortunate are we!!

We wish peace of Annapurna Devi.
Let her music survive among her disciples, let live the name of the mahayhar gharana.

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