Preparation for the Fourteenth Teacher Registration Exam

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Teaching is a great profession. Teachers work as craftsmen with whom no profession in the world can be compared. And the Teacher Registration Examination of the Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) has opened the door to the possibility of engaging oneself in this great profession.

Those who pass this test will be given a certificate, with the help of which they can later apply to secondary and higher education institutions. There is no job opportunity in any private educational institution (school-college-madrasa) of the country without registration. Registration certificate is now the only criterion of eligibility.

NTRCA started taking this test in 2005. Earlier, the term of this certificate was five years, but on June 13, 2013, the government extended the term of the certificate for life. After the extension, the application period for the 14th Teacher Registration Examination ended on July 11. Now it’s time to prepare. You can also get a certificate of teacher registration with last minute preparation. For Sufi Faruq Ibne Abubakar’s Career Coching for Rural Youth, Shams Biswas written in details.

Eligibility of application and examination procedure :

In order to participate in the Teacher Registration Examination, the candidate must have at least a bachelor’s degree. However, the result of any one third class or equivalent GPA in education will be acceptable. In case of educational qualification, the newly passed candidates can apply along with the testimonial, tabulation sheet or number sheet and admission card of the head of the concerned educational institution. But the candidates appearing in the examination will not be able to apply.

NTRCA is taking registration test in the form of BCS under the new rules. Those who pass the preliminary test will take the written test in the second step. Those who pass the written test in the next step will be taken oral test. If you can successfully complete these three steps, you will get a certificate.

Preliminary examination :

Preliminary examination can be given in 20 district cities of the country. The preliminary test centers will be: Rangpur, Dinajpur, Bogra, Pabna, Rajshahi, Jessore, Khulna, Kushtia, Dhaka, Faridpur, Tangail, Rangamati, Chittagong, Comilla, Noakhali, Barisal, Patuakhali, Sylhet, Jamalpur and Mymensingh. The test will be on August 25. School level preliminary will start at 10 am and college level examination will start at 3 pm. Must take part in preliminary examination of 100 marks in MCQ method.

The test time will be one hour. There will be four subjects in total. Bengali, English, Mathematics and General Knowledge. There will be a total of 100 impersonal questions, 25 on each subject. Zero point 50 will be deducted for each wrong answer. After that you have to take part in the written test of 100 marks. Pass number 40.

After hitting the preliminary:

Those who have passed the preliminary will have to send the required documents to Dhaka GPO Box No. 103, Dhaka-1000. Certificates of all educational qualifications, Graduation Number Certificate, Citizenship Certificate, National Identity Card, Training Certificate of Trainees, Graduate Level Admission of the optional subject mentioned at the time of online application of the applicants for the post of Assistant Teacher. On the envelope should be written ‘Application for the Fourteenth Teacher Registration Examination’.

Written test:

School level written test will be on 6th December and college level test will be on 9th December. In both cases, the test time is from 9 am to 12 noon. There will be written test centers: Rangpur, Rajshahi, Khulna, Dhaka, Chittagong, Barisal, Sylhet and Mymensingh. Candidates who have passed the preliminary examination will have to take part in a three hour written test of 100 marks on optional subjects. Pass number 40.

The preliminary examination will be 25 marks in Bengali, 25 marks in English, 25 marks in General Mathematics and 25 marks in General Knowledge for a total of 100 marks. For school level, you have to read the books of ninth-tenth class and if you want to do well in the written test of college level, you have to read the books of honors level. Apart from this, even if you look at last year’s question, you can get the idea. The written test consists of five essay questions. Each question has a value of 15. There will be five short questions. Each question will have an alternative question.

Preparation for the Fourteenth Teacher Registration Exam
Preparation for the Fourteenth Teacher Registration Exam

Bengali: In school and school level-2, if you want to do well in Bangla part, you have to emphasize on grammar. One to two questions come from almost every chapter of grammar. Among these chapters, the use of punctuation and punctuation, idioms and punctuation, correcting or correcting mistakes, translation, punctuation, causal, declension, conjunction and suffix, synonyms and antonyms, sentence contraction, gender change chapters can be found by reading the chapters.

For college level you have to read the textbooks of class IX to XII. It is better to know the author of the prose and verse of these books. Apart from this, even if last year’s teacher solves the question of registration test, it will be very useful.

English: The nuances of grammar need to be read more about English. If you want to do well in this part, you have to give importance to the grammar part. From this part of grammar comes the question at both school and college level. Completing Sentences, Translation from Bengali to English, Change of Parts of Speech, Right Forms of Verb, Fill in the Blanks with Appropriate Word, Transformation of Sentences, Synoûms and Antoûms, Idioms and Phrases, Article- .

Mathematics: If you want to do well in mathematics, you have to practice the books of seventh to tenth class again and again. From arithmetic to Lasagu, Gasagu, unit rules, percentages, interest rates, profit-loss, ratios-proportions, if you study these chapters well, questions can be found. And for algebra, we have to do productive, square and cube-containing formulas and applications, Gasagu, index, logarithm. There are questions every year from these chapters.

For geometry, lines, angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, areas and circles need to be mastered. Books for class XI and XII should be read for college level. The BCS questions and teacher registration questions of the past years can be done well even if practiced repeatedly. Care must be taken in answering each question.

General Knowledge: There will be 25 questions in the general knowledge section. If you want to do well in this part, you have to read regular magazines, take control of local and foreign contemporary news. Have an idea about science, information and technology, environment and disease. To be aware of the history, liberation war, climate, culture, sports, size of different districts, economy, etc. of Bangladesh in Bangladesh. And for the international part, two to four questions can be found from the currencies of different countries, days, awards and honors, recent events. Apart from this, it would be better to read books of various publications of general knowledge in the market.

Viva Voice:

Those who pass the written examination will be informed about the schedule of the oral examination / VIVA through SMS. Passers usually have to take part in oral test number 20. Out of 20 marks, 12 marks are allotted for the educational qualification of the candidate, and 8 marks are allotted for the knowledge and ability to express the related subject. Usually, the chairman, members, and other officials of the registration authority are present on the viva board. However, the number of marks in the oral examination, who will be on the viva board, is decided after the scheduled board meeting. Usually, the subject of the text is asked about one’s own district in Viva Board.

Merit list on the basis of number:

According to NTRCA sources, Upazila, district and national merit list will be prepared on the basis of number obtained in written and oral examination. Candidates of the upazila will be considered first. If no suitable candidate is found, appointment will be made from the merit list of the district. If no candidate is found then the departmental list will be given priority.


For information about the test you can contact 02-57315614, and 02-57315617. E-mail: [email protected] To download the entry form and know the necessary information, go to the NTRCA website at Address: Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA), Red Crescent Borak Tower, Level-04 & 05, 36/3 / A, Eskaton Garden Road, Ramna, Dhaka-1000.