Happy Birthday Orders of Bangla Literature Abu Zafar Obaidullah

Today, 8 February – Poet of Abu Zafar Obaidullah’s birthday today. On this day of 1934, the powerful Bengali language poet was born in a respectable Muslim family of Baharchar Shudrakhedi village in Barisal. His full name is Abu Zafar Muhammad Obaidullah Khan, nickname Centu. Father Abdul Jabbar Khan, mother’s name Saleha Khatun. Abdul Jabbar Khan was the speaker of the Pakistan National Assembly.

Abu Zafar Obaidullah | আবু জাফর ওবায়দুল্লাহ
Abu Zafar Obaidullah | আবু জাফর ওবায়দুল্লাহ

Abu Zaafar Obaidullah was a senior government official in professional life. In the 1980s, he was the Agriculture Minister of Bangladesh Government. Abu Jafar Obaidullah died on 1 March, 2001.

His most notable poems are Satanari Har (1955), Ever Color Tune (1970), Kamal Eyes (1974), I am talking about legends (1981), Sahasnu Awakshi (1982), Love Kavita (1982), Rain and Brave Man Prayer (1983), My Time (1987), Selected Poetry (1991), All My Talks (1993), and Smooth Krishna Rosa

Abu Jafar Obaidullah earned Bangla Academy Award in 1979 and Ekushey Padak in 1985 as a recognition of his literary studies.

Happy Birthday Literature Abu Zafar Obaidullah!

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