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Happy birthday Satyendranath Dutta

Today is the birthday of Satyendranath Dutt, the ‘magician of the rhythm’. In his poetry, he was described in this adjective for the merits of the use of words, words and language. This Bengali poet and queen was born on February 11, 1882 at village Nimta, near Kolkata. In his silly village of his ancestral house of Burdwan.

In the poetry of Satyendranath, the words of various languages have been added to the rhythmic rhythm. Besides, he also has done translation work in Bangla from different languages.

In the medieval period, he was a siddhahasta about various aspects of Indian history, culture and mythology.

Satyendranath passed the Entrance and General from Calcutta Central Collegiate School in 1899 and passed the F.A. from the Assembly Institute (presently Scottish Church College) in 1901.

Before joining poetry, Satyendranath Dutta joined his father’s business. He was one of the poets of Bharati journals.

In the early years Satyendranath was influenced by Michael Madhusudan Dutta, Akshay Kumar Baral and others. After being followed by Rabindra, he became independent.

With the combined use of Arabic-Persian words in Bangla words, he is the first to grasp the power of Bangla poetry. Through the translation, he communicated with the poetry of the world in Bengal.

Satyendranath Dutta Nabakumar, poetry, Ashtipar Sharma, Trivikram Varman, Kalamgir etc. wrote poems in the pseudonym.

In 1918, his popular work ‘Chhanda-Saraswati’ was published in the Baishakh of Bharati.

Satyendranath has translated many poems in Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, English and French languages to diversity and prosperity in Bengali literature. He wrote poems about the neglected, untouchable and the common people of the society.

In the literary work, Chinta King Satyendranath Dutta composed 12 poems in his short life. In the meantime, the songs of Sabita (1900), Sandhakshana (1905), Kuhu and Keka (1912) are the last songs (1923).

At the age of forty, on February 25, 1922, poet Satyendranath Dutta passed away.


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