ISP Setup Manual (Preface)

A lot of books and online manuals exist on ISP Setup topics. One instant question might come up to my readers that, “isn’t it an unnecessary effort? Not so. This book is not only a compiled manual, but also a collection of my six years career experience with ISP. And of course, this is not only the result of my working experiences; it is also a learning experience with my networking students. It is a complete guideline to setup a full-featured ISP in a country like Bangladesh. It is a fine blend of world-class technologies, documents and my experiences.

When I have started, I had to face lots of difficulties about learning ISP facts. The main problem was I couldn’t find a proper written guideline. There was no specific guideline for setting up a full-featured ISP in a country like ours (it is not yet available). Thus, from the very beginning I started to write a guideline, for my future colleagues. Initially it was written in an amateur approach. I started distributing parts and parcels of it freely to the newcomers. After many corrections over the years it has become a practitioners approach. I have tried to implement the approach into this book. So, this book is a tested guideline for learning ISP facts.

ISP related books are pretty expensive. As ISP Administration is not a single topic, I had to collect at least 50 books and manuals to achieve the least workable knowledge. Considering this problem, I have included each and every topic related to ISP in brief into this book. I wrote this book keeping one thing on mind, that the readers should be able to execute all essential tasks, after reading this single book. I have avoided in-depth technical details to keep the volume of the book thinner. Further resource references are included here, to support the readers for more details.

ISP related books are mostly written on a specific topic (like: on an OS or some hardware device). That type of book includes a lot of theories and in-depth technical details of a particular subject. But a beginner faces difficulties to find out the exact practical steps to execute the task. These types of books are good for in-depth knowledge. But it takes long time to understand the topic and more time to find out exactly what to do for executing essential tasks. So, I have not included detailed theories (some theories are added here those with uncommon topics). I have included step-by-step practical examples, so that beginners can use it as a cookbook.

Resource Distribution, Maintenance, Monitoring are vital parts of ISP organization. I have presented most useful tools step-by-step for performing such activities.

A full-featured ISP requires varieties of resources including government license, cyber resources, and many other types of equipments. None of the book in the market includes topic on collecting these resources and doing initial formalities, which becomes a big hassle for new administrators and managers. They become paranoid when they need to find out proper equipment or need to obtain other resources. This book includes a detailed guideline for collecting each essential resource. An equipment purchase catalogue is included in my book, which will help them to find out indispensable equipments.

Fresher, who has never seen ISP structure, might face many difficulties to understand and design the ISP network. Most of the time they carry a wrong and hypothetical concept on this system. I have included a sketched presentation of ISP System as well as related resources.

Some administrators, who are shifting themselves from corporate windows network to UNIX network, faces difficulties about operating systems. A preparation chapter is included into the book for them.

Most of the ISP related books and contents are written, developed and compiled by European and American writers. So, our beginner administrators face some problem to be content with their approaches. I believe they will not face such difficulties while reading ISP Setup Manual.

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