ISP Setup Manual (Press Note)

ISP setup manual (first edition) is a compiled and wide-ranging ISP setup guide. It is far and away the most comprehensive book ever written on ISP setup especially in Bangladesh. The book provides in-depth world-class techniques, documents and the writer’s experience.

This book is a step-by-step practical example, to be used as a cookbook. This extensive compilation covers the vital features like Resource Distribution, Maintenance, Monitoring, and Security along with minor issues like Government License, Cyber Resources, Equipments and other initial formalities. The book is written according to a tested learning guideline. It covers all topics, which is also required for corporate networking. The creative artwork of the book rescues the readers from the monotonous and boring approaches of usual IT documents.

Bangladesh with it’s perfect booming IT and Telecom industry needs more specialized IT / telecom hands to play an important part in the world market. Thus this book has been designed targeting computer graduates, IT professionals, ISP support people, administrators and system managers.

Sufi & Associates is an initiative based on science and technology related publications and manuals on new, professional, dynamic and useful topics. All publications are written and edited by professionals. “ISP Setup Manual” is a very up-to-date and creative endeavor of Sufi & Associates.

Sufi Faruq Ibne Abubakar is a young technologist, columnist, and trainer of Bangladesh. With a number of international professional recognition on networking he is active in system administration for more than six years. His extensive experience and in-depth learning have enriched the content of “ISP Setup Manual”.