Music Gurukul website starts journey…

You have already heard about Music Gurukul.

I myself an apprentice music listener. I try to work as much as possible with music as a subject of love and affection. I first started with a music blog called “Gaan Kheko” on my site. After feeling the need to do something institutionally, I took the initiative to establish “Music Gurukul” from “Gurukul Online Learning Network, GOLN”.

There were regular activities called “Sangeet Gurukul” on Facebook and YouTube. I have received encouragement from you in many ways from the beginning. That is why I started the website of Sangeet Gurukul. This site will deal with the history of music,  various conventional, non-conventional topics of music. Writings and music works of various geniuses are being collected. Besides, I will write myself inshallah.

I hope you will find music beside you.

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Music Gurukul
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