My Sahir Ludhianvi

Sahir Ludhianvi wrote about his mother.

“Tu Murray Saath Rahega Munnaye
I do not have to get rid of Rheem and I do not die
Zindagi ki Barhi Dhoot May Jalan Dungi
Look at the thermal heat that is to foulad trees
Maa Aawlad Ban ”

Fawlad = Steel

When these lines were first seen, it seemed as if my mother said it. After my father’s murder, the mother sent all my siblings out of our village for safety. I was only living alone with my mother. The times of our struggles come before the eyes, the words of the mother float in the heart.

My Sahir Ludhianvi
সাহির লুধিয়ানভি | Sahir Ludhianvi

Sahir was the star songwriter of the Indian film world. The importance or honour that today’s songwriter has made, due to his bargaining. He was the first to claim that the lyricist had a major role to play after the hit song. For this, you will have to pay at least 1 rupee more than the musician or vocalist. Whatever the amount of honour, it has to be 1 rupee more.

He has written many best love songs, yet always possessed a disliking writing of typical love song. His love was essentially in nature besides, human and politics. Therefore his canvas was very big. He used different elements of nature beautifully to create his love songs.

The other two favourite lines of Sahir, the Lineaduto in One Eleven, seemed to be repeated:

“Sitam ki doure me ham aahl-a-din hi kam aay
Jubo Pe Naj Tha Jinko Uo Bezuban Nicole. ”

Sahi was always the other person of different thought. During the partition, Sahir was in Pakistan. After the announcement, the Muslims were going to Pakistan, Hindus were coming to India. Being a Muslim he left Pakistan and came to India.

All my favourite songs were written by Sahir Ludhiyanvi:

1. Jo wada kiya ho nibhana padega.

(The article is originally written in Bangla, automatically translated into English, yet to be corrected and revised)

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[My Sahir Ludhianvi in Bangla ]

[ This article was originally written in Bangla, auto-translated, yet to be corrected and revised)