Personal privacy, personal security, personal protection human rights of Hefazat-E-Islam Mujahids ??!!!

Hefazat-E-Islam : Those who are very worried, sad, dying in shame, that Allama Mamunul Huq has been deprived of “Personal privacy, personal security, personal protection human rights”, I would request them to face the truth.

As per their [ Hefazat-E-Islam ] interpretation of Islamic Sharia, I am consciously saying that Allama Mamunul Haque himself has invited people to sniff his private life. “People” means all Muslims of Bangladesh. Even to all Muslims of the world. Not just invited, he actually forced us by our religious duty.

Hefazat-E-Islam - Mamunu Haquel after Hefazat Violence on 26 March 2021
Mamunul Haque after Hefazat Violence on 26 March 2021

Please think carefully. The final culmination of the movement of Allama Mamunul Haq – is the establishment of “Islamic State”, “Khilafat”, “Sharia Law”. By establishing that law, they want to interfere in every aspect of your-my-personal, social, and state life, and fix it according to their prescribed Sharia. They will measure what you want on their sharia scales and determine haram or halal for you. In doing so, they will taste, see, hear, read, press, smell, lick everything first.

By the way, if their moral police fail to recognize your wife (if they think you’re going with “Haram Wife” or “Illegal Someone”), they may take a few more men and break into your room, to see the details of what you have been doing. It’s not just because of fun only. It is the compulsion of the Sharia. Because in order to prove “adultery” according to Sharia, the couple must have been seen at least by 4 men, with their own eyes, in the state of “penetrating”. And how would they find that without entering into the room during intercourse?

Watch carefully, – Allama Mamunul Haque is the “Show-Boy” or “Poster Boy” of Hefazat E Islam. As such, he is the future “Amir-ul-Momenin” of the fictitious Islamic state of Hifazat. Therefore, he must be the example of that Sharia ideology. By following him closely, we must learn what the so-called Caliphs and citizens of the Sharia state will look like. And to understand that, is there any alternative to follow him like a shadow everywhere? As such, no injustice was done to him. Rather, as much as Privacy has been invaded, it is less!!!

Therefore, the intellectuals who are measuring the “rights” of Allama Mamunul Huq in the name of democratic human rights, do not know the appropriate measurement. Your comparison is not “Apple-to-Apple”. The “privacy rights” of the Sharia government are not the same as the “privacy rights” of democracy. That’s why you should know that he has been treated according to the “privacy rights” he deserves and preaches. Hence, you don’t need to open your human rights shop here.

At the same time, as a Muslim, I would like to request all the fellow Muslim brothers and sisters in the country. Like Allama Mamunul Huzur, those who want Sharia law, you should follow them all the time, follow them everywhere. If they do something outside Sharia, bring that to the light. If we understand that they are the same inside and out, then we will decide the next course of action. How about that?

And if anyone talks about Sharia law, follows the “Mamunul Haq model”, then you know what to do. Jamaican Proverb – “Pit inna de sky, it fall inna yuh y’eye” Translation: If you spit into the sky, it falls into your eye. Explanation:- What you do to, or wish for others, could eventually be the cause of your own downfall.

May Allah protect us all from the whispers of Satan.

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