Seminar on Countering radicalization and extremism in Gurukul, Kushtia

Seminar : Countering Radicalization and Extremism : Role of Students & TeachersDepartment of Political Studies, Gurukul organized a seminar on Countering Radicalization and Extremism. Shwapan Kumar Ghosh, Joint General Secretary Kushtia District Awami League was the Main speaker of the seminar, that held in Lalon Shai Campus, Gurukul on November 5, 2016.
Khandakar Iqbal Mahmud presented the key note speech. He discussed about the basis, history and global context behind the current religious radicalization and extremism happening in the country and around the globe. He emphasized on the responsibilities of students and parents to counter extremism.
The main speaker Shawapan Kumar Ghosh said, he was a student of Islamic History. “Besides I also read about every religion to some extent. I have seen – no religion supports extremism and radicalization. There is no scope/justification of armed violence in the name of religion in modern nation state & judicial system. However, a specific group of people is spreading the hatred in the name of Islam, Quran and Islamic scholars. They are trying to achieve advantages by misleading people and pushing them towards such heinous crime. The evil seed of extremism was introduced in the ninetieth century and it developed throughout the twentieth century. All our teachers and students need to be cautious to be able to hold extremism to enter in their mind. Extremism not only destroys one single human being, but also scars their entire family and people around them forever”.
Sufi Faruq Ibne Abubakar, Pramukh of Gurukul and Abdullah Al Mamun lecturer Alauddin Ahmed Degree college also discussed on the key note speech. Mr. Sufi also mentioned, there has been regular activities in every campus of Gurukul, to aware the students about the dangers of religious radicalization and extremism.