“Sheikh Kamal Cultural Alliance, Kumarkhali” starts journey

The beginning is the inauguration of “Sheikh Kamal Cultural Alliance, Kumarkhali”. The organization was born for the purpose of preserving and developing all the folk cultural heritage.

Encouraged by the spirit of the War of Liberation and the ideals of Bangabandhu, Kumarkhali Khoksar’s old and new stage performers, directors and crew started the official path of the organization.

On Sunday, the chief adviser of the organization, Kushtia District Awami League’s science and technology affairs secretary and information technologist Sufi Farooq invited everyone from the organization to his house. In the first meeting chaired by Sufi Farooq, all of them unanimously nominated Mr. Abdul Quddus Shah as the President and Mr. Kamruzzaman Ayub as the General Secretary. A 21-member executive committee was formed at the meeting.

Exchange of views of members of Sheikh Kamal Cultural Alliance
Exchange of views of members of Alliance

Committee Vice-Chairman Mr. Shahidul Islam and Mr. Nizamuddin, Joint-General Secretary Mr. Ruhul Amin, Mr. Rabiul Islam and Mr. Prashant Kumar Ghosh, Organizing Secretary Mr. Harun Aur Rashid, Co-Organizing Secretary Mr. Md. Nurul Islam, Publicity Secretary Mr. Abdul Khaleq , Co-Publicity Secretary Mr. Amjad Hossain, Treasurer Mr. Mamun Biswas, Drama Secretary Mr. Rabiul Islam Raja, Co-Drama Secretary Mr. Abdul Bari Mollah, Culture Secretary Mr. Abubakar, Executive Member – Mr. Swapan Kumar Bagchi, Mr. Nurul Islam, Mr. Nur Mohammad (Guruji), Mr. Shakil Ahmed (Ujjwal) and Md. Shah Newaz Islam Sena. Among others present at the meeting were Mr. Shahidul Islam, Mr. Nikhil Chandra Debnath, Mr. Mizanur Rahman Majnu, Mr. Dr. A. Rashid, Mr. Badsha Biswas, Mr. Aslam Mia, Mr. Shishir Kumar Biswas, Mr. Md. Pintu, Mr. Atiyar Rahman and Mr. Shahidul Islam.

The chief adviser of the newly formed committee said that the “Sheikh Kamal Cultural Alliance, Kumarkhali” will be the first to be given importance in the organization, our dead “Jatra” industry. The organization will work to make the medium more popular among the younger generation through the use of modern technology by removing the subcultures that have crept into the journey, making the acting-presentation-serving techniques more up-to-date. It is planned to organize a regular integrated winter jatra festival with the jatra teams of all the unions every year.

[ “Sheikh Kamal Cultural Alliance, Kumarkhali” starts journey ]