Sufi Faruq’s ‘Special counselling for mothers and sisters” held at the Board Office, Sultanpur village, Kaya union. Kumarkhali upazila.

Sufi Faruq’s special advisory meeting for mother and sisters is going on in every village para for mother and sisters of Kumarkhali and Khosars. In the same sequence, the meeting was organized at the Board office, Para village of Sultanpur village, in Kumarkhali upazila, 1st in Kaya union on the last 5-6-18th.

The general parents of the village participated in this meeting. Discussions with them are mainly given importance to four fundamental issues: 1. Mother-sisters’ basic hygiene (physical and emotional) 2. The idea about the prevention of disease in the family. 3. Parents should make the child well-educated, skilled, working, well-groomed and human 4. Financial security of each mother sister As well as those 4 basic issues, the following are suggested – 1. Mothers and baby care 2. Child / adolescent physical and mental care. The need to build friendly relationships with them from childhood. 3. Nutrition Prosperity Information about food habits. 4. Try to become aware of the goal objective in the child’s careers and encourage him accordingly.

5. Do not be a drug addict! If there is a clear idea about what kind of action should be taken immediately 6. To be very careful about the child so that the drug is not addictive, and the need to keep regular contact with the mother with the child. 7. Providing enough information about the benefits of children to a growing age. 8. The importance of looking for children’s academic education is important. In addition to academic education, the importance of creative education is highlighted to the mothers.

Consultant, entrepreneur, information technologist, politician, gurukul and others, Kushiya district Awami League’s science and technology secretary Sufi Faruk. Sufi Faruq said, “Developing a well-educated, skilled, working, well-groomed and human generation in Kumarkhali and Khosla, in the ideals of the Jannentree Sheikh Hasina, my” Mission “or” Joy Bangla “. As part of that mission, to make Kumarkhali and Khosar youth as skilled professionals in the future, we are continuing in the program of professional advice, free computer training, Sheikh Hasina community sewing center and beautician course for self-reliance in women. Every time young people and women are getting admitted in these courses. The number of interested and interested students in this course is more than a thousand. Half of our population is women. If the women are not aware of them, then the chance of a successful mission will be final. So this arrangement is being made to enable the mother and sisters to take their own physical and mental well-being, confident, confident and able to make decisions on life. ”
This consultation service is being organized in every house in each village at a specific house. On the day before the meeting, more than hundred mothers and sisters of the mahalla were informed about the arrangement of the meeting. An average of 30-35 mothers and sisters are present at every special consultation meeting. Alfah Khatun, a worker of Kumarkhali Mahila Parishad, coordinates the project. Besides, Gulshan Afroz Jui, a professional nurse, is advising the mother and sisters about the basic health hygiene examinations.

The meeting was attended by health worker Alefa Khatun, nursing professional Gulshan Afroz Juii, Kiya Union Council member Sohrab Uddin, Coordinator of Sheikh Hasina Community Sewing Center Ashrafun Nahar Shilpi.

(The article is written in Bangla, automatically translated, requires correction)