Sufi Faruque’s ‘Special Advice Meeting for Mothers and Sisters’ was held at Bania Para village of Kaya Union under Kumarkhali upazila of Kushtia

For addressing all the possible challenges of building a knowledge-based economy of 2041, Sufi Farooq has initiated a special program titled ‘Mother’s and Sisters’ Special Advice Meeting’ to prepare mother-sisters for their role. Under this program, as well as making aware about health, family planning, economic development and security, the program provides free health care, health advice and medical services to mothers and sisters.

Sufi Faruque, the director of science and technology secretary of Kushtia district Awami League, Sufi Faruk said, “If the common man in the village gets admitted to the hospital for a period of 7 days, due to some reasons, his annual savings Nearly half of the cost is spent. If a large tout hands in hand, the whole savings are spent, sometimes it becomes debt. A major part of the diseases / pests of which they are admitted as a result may be avoided by ‘awareness’. Costs can be saved a lot, with little costs and plans. No big budget, no big projects will be required. It will require sincerity, a little feeling and a little voluntary mentality. All local representatives, politicians, prominent people (especially teachers’ societies) can collectively do this work. Not only on physical or mental health, but our country’s thirsty mothers and sisters still are mentally retarded beyond our perception. His role as a family nucleus, raising children, education-career, economic development of the family, family and financial security, his thinking about the planning of the last year is very limited. With this knowledge and skill, we will face a lot of unexpected challenges in building a knowledge-based society of 2041. The purpose of this special advisory meeting is to prepare them for these challenges. The general parents of the village participated in this meeting. Discussions with them are mainly given importance to four fundamental issues: 1. Mother-sisters’ basic hygiene (physical and emotional) 2. The idea about the prevention of disease in the family. 3. Parents should make the child well-educated, skilled, working, well-groomed and human 4. Financial security of each mother sister Apart from those 4 basic topics, the other things that are recommended are: 1. Mothers and baby care 2. Child / adolescent physical and mental care. The need to build friendly relationships with them from childhood. 3. Knowing about the nutritional enrichment of food habits. 4. Trying to be aware of the goal objective in the child’s career and encouragement accordingly. 5. Do not be a drug addict! If there is a clear idea about what kind of action should be taken immediately 6. To be very careful about the child so that the drug is not addictive, and the need to keep regular contact with the mother with the child. 7. Providing enough information about the benefits of children to a growing age. 8. The importance of looking for children’s academic education is important. In addition to academic education, the importance of creative education is highlighted to the mothers.

Subhash Faruk, coordinator of Political Department of Kumarkhali Upazila of Comilla, Humayun Dutta, publicity secretary of Kumarkhali Upazila Awami League, said that among the numerous activities of Sufi Faruk, it is one of the many activities of Sufi Faruk. This is the primary stage program, among all the programs that make our educated, skilled, skilled, creative and humanitarian generation. Through this program, mothers and sisters are made aware of the necessary programs. The effectiveness of our program is already being felt in the society.

Abdus Salam, a lecturer at Shilaidah Women’s College, coordinator of the young division of Sufi Faruk’s Kumarkhali Upazila, said that Sufi took many initiatives for his personal initiative for the deprived people of the rural poor. Because of these initiatives, village mothers and sisters are becoming financially self-reliant and aware of their health. Earlier, at the local level, others took this initiative, Kushtia would now become the model district of the country.

On 13 August, 018 Christianity, the meeting was held in Ashok Gali in Bania Para village of Kia Union, Kumarkhali upazila, Kushtia district. The meeting was attended by social worker Alefa Khatun and professional nursing Gulshan Afroz Juii.

Longtime experienced social activist Alefa Khatun said, “Our guide, Sufi Faruq Bhai has consulted with various professionals including social worker, physician and psychiatrist, doctors, economists, development workers, Kumarkhali-Khosars, all mothers and sisters, in the face of challenges of 2041 To build, a ‘guide line’ has been created. We train mothers and sisters according to the guide line at every meeting, give motivation. We have a great response. Fifty to two mothers and sisters in every village are part of our program in different ways. We hope others will also take part in the benefit of others. There are also social barriers, including prejudice. We have to do our work beyond them. But after participating in 1/2 meetings, the mothers and sisters themselves contacted us through various problems. We encourage them and help them. Our different types of work-oriented training have been added to them gradually.

Health worker Afroz Jui said, along with a consultation meeting, I also tested their health. If you see any risk, advise them and advise you to do so. When we need primary treatment, we give them and give some OTC (over the counter) medicines. Actually, women of our country are not really aware of themselves. That is why they do not tell anyone about their various physical problems. Throughout the whole life, a mother died due to difficult illness without telling anyone about her problems. We do not want to do so in Kumarkhali-Khoksa because of this initiative. There are many diseases of calcium deficiency, hormonal problems and women. Almost every woman has such problems. But they do not treat any of these. Breastfeeding is not just for the child; Good for the mothers too. By breastfeeding the baby decreases the risk of breast cancer. Every girl should talk to the doctor after the marriage and decide on the family plan. Otherwise, there is a need to deal with unexpected situations. It is possible to stay away from many diseases if they follow timely eating, proper nutrition, cleanliness and some rules. There is no such conception about the nutrition of the mothers of our country. After feeding their husbands and children, they would like to eat themselves. Pregnant mothers need to eat more protein-rich foods than usual. But usually it is not. In this case, the other members of the family, especially the husband, have to be careful. Infections are caused due to infections of women in the uterus. Drinking less water also causes problems in urine roads. Due to the use of dirty clothes it causes itching; Which can infect the baby too. But the women of our country are not quite aware of these issues. In addition to our work to increase these awareness, the media should raise awareness from everyone’s own place.

The local organizers were also present in the meeting.

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