Why should youth join a Career Planning workshop of Bangladesh Awami League ?

Career Planning workshop of Bangladesh Awami League : The type of profession is changing very fast with the help of science and technology. On the one hand, many old professions are disappearing, on the other hand, new professions are being created. Just as many new jobs are being created in the technology sector, all kinds of professions and workplaces are being affected by technology. In addition to creating new professions, the type of work in old professions is also changing.

So if the technology education curriculum is not updated every year to keep pace with the current times, by the time the four-year course is completed, students are lagging behind at least two years from the latest advancement in technology. That is why choosing a future career for young people is now the biggest challenge. The matter of determining this profession should be mainstream on the one hand and timely and relevant on the other. This is the most important issue for the young generation in the face of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

For social reasons most young people in our country grow up with very traditional and incomplete ideas about the profession. The point is, “whatever you do, you just have to do something.” Profession has become money now: as if to make some money.

In other words, the new generation is getting to know partially or little about all aspects of the “career” that has been going on throughout their lives. The time and surroundings of growing up from small to large do not give them a clear idea of ​​their present or future broad workspace. Since there is no idea about the modern “profession”, there is no thought or discussion on this subject in the society, there is no debate.

As a result, the younger generation does not feel the need to plan ahead. As a result, they do not need to be judged on their own needs, abilities, qualifications, weaknesses, inclinations or preferences for the future. Young people get involved in education in any subject based on getting opportunities in an institution. Then, through uncertainty and dissatisfaction, he somehow ends his life in a messy education. Then their names are added to the list of certified unemployed as another number. The struggle to get a job of any kind begins with survival. In this way many limitless possibilities are destroyed.

Incumbent Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is building a lot of future-oriented infrastructure and infrastructure. She wants every youth of the country to use these facilities to develop their potential. But that is possible only when a young person has a specific goal in front of him and he can prepare himself accordingly. Besides, the election manifesto of the ruling Awami League has a far-reaching plan in this regard.

To utilize the power of youth to emerge as a developed country by 2041, to build a self-reliant youth society by 2021, ‘Young Entrepreneur Policy’, to create a skilled and hardworking youth society by 2023 ‘Karmath Project’ and to set up youth training centers in every upazila. The manifesto called for a plan to enhance the skills of the youth.

Career Planning workshop of Bangladesh Awami League
Career Planning workshop of Bangladesh Awami League

With these considerations in mind, the Awami League has started a ‘career counseling’ program. It is essential for the professional life of young people with advice and support activities for their career planning. It was organized by the Awami League’s sub-committee on education and human resources.

The overall collaboration is with the Center for Research and Information (CRI). Those who will register by January 30 (2021); After analyzing the information provided by them, the Awami League will provide training in different batches. However, the registration will continue and the young generation will continue to be by the side of every family in the country by giving the right guidelines.

The goal of this program is not just to provide career-planning to the participating youth. The Awami League wants to make the issue of Early Career Planning as a trend, which will one day become a culture.

Then the future youth will try their career in time. Even parents, teachers, well-wishers and everyone around them will understand the importance of this issue, have a positive attitude and will provide the necessary support to the youth. The Awami League, as a political party, has started this work. It is expected that the people will take initiative for their own future after understanding its benefits.

Initially each batch will be given a three day workshop. There are various arrangements in this three-day workshop. At first young people will have an idea about a wide career throughout their lives. Learn about the future of science, technology and business. Understand the type of future profession and business. Be able to analyze every human being’s needs, abilities, qualifications, weaknesses, inclinations or likes; Which have a direct impact on the career.

Young people will learn how to analyze those influences and how to choose their potential future careers in light of them. They will also learn how to make a career plan or career plan after choosing a profession. That is, knowing everything, through this workshop, they will create a future career plan for themselves. According to that plan, they will prepare themselves. Bangladesh Awami League will give encouragement and advice in various ways in their life journey.

In addition to training, a “career catalog” is being created to introduce young people to a variety of professions, which will be stored on the Bangladesh Awami League’s website, Facebook and YouTube. The career catalog lists the different types of professions, possibilities, skills and qualifications required and how to succeed in that profession; There will be separate guideline videos about it.

In this category, regular career and related skills acquisition ideas will continue to be published. Young people and their parents can easily understand the different types of career ideas, advantages or limitations by browsing this category, which will help them make decisions.

The training will be attended by successful professionals, entrepreneurs, human resource managers and trainers from home and abroad. In addition, some training videos on various topics will be published regularly for the participants. The entire program will be managed from the “career.albd.org” website. There participants will be able to register, view various notices, get answers to common questions. In short, hopefully this training will open a new horizon in a participant’s life. So why the delay?

I urge young people: Register, inspire your friends to register. Make your own beautiful career plan, build yourself accordingly. Get ready, win. Remember: If you have a plan, you are less likely to fail, but without a plan, failure is certain.

Kind Regards,

Sufi Faruq Ibne Abubakar

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