Young people will have to make decisions in their own interests

Young people will have to make decisions in their own interests: In 2008, considering the social challenges and prospects of Bangladesh and the various socio-economic societies, especially on the expectation of youth, Awami League announced the “Vision 2021” pashashashi slogan “Digital Bangladesh”. Many people consider this plan as a highly ambitious plan considering the infrastructure, infrastructure and manpower. Since the formation of the government elected Awami League has the ability to make progress in every sector designed to face the challenges of every challenge.

Development is visible in the first 4 years of each sector, including development of infrastructure, ensuring transparency, speed and availability of public services through the use of information technology and manpower development. In this continuation, the Internet has reached almost 9 crore people in Bangladesh today. Not only the expansion of the Internet, mobile internet has been upgraded to 4G with the addition of broadband, as well as a few generations from GPRS.

Young people will have to make decisions in their own interests
Sufi Faurq Ibne Abubakar

Due to this technology revolution and availability, there have been significant changes in public life. The current young generation is the most successful of this change. They have also faced some risks while enjoying great benefits. Some risks in this risk have also been seen as a new challenge for the government and the state.

In the last decade due to the availability of the Internet, there has been an overwhelming growth of IT and social media. Through this, the public’s publications have opened the place of expression. The ability to express opinions also increased. In their hands, a magazine is stronger than television channels.

There is also a chance to give a reply in different ways including audio, video, text, not just like the soundtrack. As well as the common people of the country, especially almost all the young generation is now associated with social media. As a result, the people of remote villages are giving importance to social media as their voice rather than the mainstream media.

An incident happened on the other side of the country, at the other end, with the video. People have an opportunity to respond directly to that issue. There is an opportunity to critically analyze all the activities of the government or the party. Not only that, any major incident is currently viral on social media. People first got the news through social media. Then, to think of the necessity of clericity, the organization went to the media.

The presence of social media is the presence of more young people. They have also produced examples of good work using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube. Not only that, many people use Facebook or YouTube to show their position as alternative media. In addition to this, the youth follow the e-karas model on Facebook and introduced a new trend in the name of F-Commerce in Bangladesh. There are opportunities for many young people to get employment.

There is a different side of these positive changes. The government has only given its supporters to the Internet revolution, and the general public has not given the internet. The opponents also gave. Contrary to the emergence of this country. They started using this technology weapon to open the door to the immense possibilities of young people, government or some time against the country also. They have created some situations using social media that have never faced any government since its emergence in Bangladesh. They have created extreme anarchic conditions in the country for their benefit.

The matter will become clear when giving some examples of how they operate in order to gain that interest. In 2012, a hundred years old Buddhist temple in Ramu, Cox’s Bazar, was provoked and vandalized by provocation of Facebook. The creation of extreme communal riots was done to destroy the unity of Bangladesh’s thousand years of harmony.

The incident did not stop there. Even during the trial of war criminals, anti-liberation activists have propagated social media as the main tool in the country and abroad. At that time a magazine of MyInstream took part in that propaganda. They preached that the demand of the release of Jamaat leaders was done by the teachers of the Holy Kaaba Sharif.

Later, the newspaper could not prove the authenticity of that photo. Anarchy around the country started when Jamaat leader Delwar Hossain Sayedee was sentenced in the war crimes trial. On the midnight of the first week of March 2013, rumor was spreading on Facebook in the moon, Saidei appeared on the moon. These rumors brought virginity at the moment and brought the people of the country out of the house. After that, they attacked the police and killed the police and made various misdeeds.

Ultimately, in the current year we have seen very bad bad news of social media. It is good to say that using the social media means the most misguided youth is being misled. They can not understand what they are actually going down the road to get rid of. In this year, the movement that started in Kota reforms, thousands of young people came down on the streets.

A violent attack was carried out at the residence of the Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University. One of the protesters died due to the rumor of police firing. Later, the victim, who was posted on Facebook, confirmed that she did not die. The next night, it was said that a leader of the BCL had cut the legs of one’s legs. The rumor was brought down to the streets by the students of almost all Hall of the University.

An anemic situation was created in the campus. But just behind the quota reform movement did not work. Work done to make the government embarrassed, who might want to go on the streets with different deception but they could not. Again, in August, when a spontaneous movement of students started demanding a safe road, a group still had a rumor in the field. At that time the effort was made to make the movement a movement against the anti-government movement or the fall of the government.

Even after the whole movement, police did not charge a tear gas or a stick, even after the rumor spread that BCL had killed 4 students, raped girls and lifted their eyes. Even rumors have been left that the body was kept in Awami League party office in Dhanmondi and there the girls were raped and there the girls were raped. Based on this rumor Awami League party office was attacked.

These rumors are being given to some familiar faces of the society. Nausaba, an actress named on her Facebook Live, spreads the rumors and renders her realistically. At the moment it becomes viral. Now it is said that those who are doing this work but they have a specific goal of what they want to do. In the country of the country through newspaper, radio or TV, the propaganda campaign, even propaganda style is going on for a long time, propaganda in the past decade of phenomena social media is new for us.

And since this issue is completely new in our country, no previous government has to face this complex situation. It is unfortunate that the use of information technology has made it available to the people of the country, but the sad fact is that by using this medium, its opponents have always been propagating against Awami League.

When BNP leader Khaleda Zia came to power for the first time in 1991, the opportunity to join the submarine cable was lost on the pretext of trafficking information. After that we have to join the submarine cable with a lot of money. The joining was also linked to Bangladesh Submarine Cable by Sheikh Hasina’s government.

Through this, Bangladesh Information Technology is much ahead. On repeated requests of software sector leaders, other information technology associate products and services, including computers, have not received the cooperation of government policy. In addition to duty-free computer hardware, Sheikh Hasina gave her multiple policy support to the software industry, ahead of her 96 government. And in the past decade, he has developed the technology in the eyes of the world. Bangladesh is now the story of the success of Digital Bangladesh.

The main beneficiary young generation of Sheikh Hasina’s government has taken up all the efforts that have taken about the information technology in the government. Therefore, they need to know that by 2021, the number of ICT professionals increased by 20 lac, 5 billion dollars in ICT sector and the contribution of this sector to the GDP is 5 percent, the present government of the present Hasina government.

Development of infrastructure, development of human resources, e-governance and information technology industry, on the basis of these four pillars, the government led by Sheikh Hasina has already crossed the 4th year of the second term. The establishment of infrastructure has already been brought under the internet connection at the district and upazila levels. Info-Sarkar-3 project has been accepted to deliver high-speed Internet service at the union level.

At the union level, high-speed Internet service has reached, from the Union Service Center, all the people in all areas of the remote areas are getting all the facilities easily. Besides building world-class employment opportunities in the Information Technology sector, work to build Bangabandhu High City City Park on 355 acres of land in Kaliakoir has been going on in the development of ICT industry.

Sheikh Hasina has already finished the work of software technology park in Jessore 12.13 acres of land. A total of 28 IT parks are being set up in Rajshahi including the establishment of electronic city at Bangabandhu Silicon City, Sylhet. In the year 2016, the National Tier-3 Data Center of the Bangladesh Computer Council received ISO 27001 certification for the security of information and technology data.

The data center and e-service activities are being hosted from the Data Center, with 25,000 web site, mail hosting service, national ID card of Bangladesh Election Commission and voter list information store. The National Help Desk 999 has been launched on an experimental basis to make all-in-government services available for the public administration employees to implement e-governance.

The Department of Information and Communication Technology, which transmits the national identity card to smart card, provides digital signature. In order to establish the youth as entrepreneur, all the facilities were provided with the allocation of spaces for entrepreneurs for a year free of cost in the public towers through the Connecting Startup Competition.

In order to develop technological generation for the improvement of quality of education, about 21 thousand text books have been converted into digital interactive multimedia texts, and about 3,000 computer labs have been set up at the school-college level with the 2001 Sheikh Russell Digital Lab, from 1st to 5th standard of primary school.

The LICT project has developed 45,000 skilled human resources through quality training for human resources development. Outsourcing has already trained about 30 thousand young people and 23 thousand youths are running free lancing training programs.

Labs have been developed in different universities to develop the students of the university in the field of IT. National School Programming Competition has been organized to engage youth with enthusiasm, incentives and information technology industries.

More than 30 primary schools have been established in the country, Multimedia Classroom. As a result, the attendance of the students has increased. Multimedia classrooms monitoring and monitoring activities have been started with MMC apps.

The teacher’s web portal “Teachers’ room” is already uploading regular content as more than 300,000 members. According to the announcement of the Prime Minister, the work of 9 million teachers to be appointed by the year 2021 is going on. In order to motivate the teachers, national content pragyatita is presented with a teacher conference of the best teachers of the week.

In order to develop teenage talent and to increase the reader engagement, a web portal named “Teenage Windrooms” has been launched. District branding started with the slogan ‘My district my arrogant’. 21st century teachers need to build 21st Century education system. For this, the government has been working to make the education system world-class in the 21st century by creating ‘Quality teaching, sustainable development’ in front of this slogan.

In order to highlight various activities of the government, organizing fair, seminars and competition at district upazila level. After the garment sector, the potential area of ICT sector is being considered. Bangladesh has acknowledged the contribution of ICT to various international organizations and organizations. Awarded honorable award.

Bangladesh is going ahead with the right goal of raising the revenue of this sector by $ 20 billion by 2021 and increasing to $ 50 billion by 2041, by creating infrastructure, creating public resources through education, creating jobs and generating industries. Sheikh Hasina’s Digital Bangladesh is being implemented We are moving forward in the release of the 16 million people on the release of the golden father of the dream of Father of the Nation.

In order to implement Digital Bangladesh and to deal with anti-national conspiracy, some laws have to be implemented. There is some criticism about it. However, the comparisons made to criticize, with the growth of online users of Bangladesh, the number of online behaviors of users, the responsibilities can not be compared.

Because social media is the latest in the last decade of IT technology, so here we are still not very well accustomed. Many of us do not understand or know the social criteria we need to maintain. However, many people do not agree to admit it for a different purpose.

Here’s the problem. Just as social networking has opened the right to express opinions, it is often a victim of harassment. One does not have the right to freedom of one’s own opinion, and to harass others’ opinions. The problem arises here. All the hands of the procession, and not all legs, do not come for the same purpose, and so on the online platform, they do not roam the same reason.

Here the person has different interests as well as special groups of people. So the first thing to do before using social media is to have an idea about community standards. This should have the feeling when to stop. This means that there should be shelf censorship. But not everyone will have this feeling or everyone will not come for the same purpose. That’s why the law requires.

We must remember that the law does not mean oppression. Law means to be orderly. It is necessary to remember two of our liberalization to understand why the law requires. For example, when a person comes online and spreads communalism and is regularly provoked. If you can not stop him, there will be a chaos in society.

So if he has to do all these activities with the intention of expressing himself, we will have to resort to the law for one of these remedies. Our national team’s cricketers are not protected from cyberbullying. If we do not set limits on the use of a digital media, then there will be chaos in the society at the end of the day. Apart from this, there are some secret rules of the state that it is open to all publicly and unstoppable.

But if anyone publishes any secret information of the state by using social media or digital media, then the person or organization will have to take responsibility for it. Because such a powerful organization like the state is very sensitive, it is also very sensitive. So everyone will not be using social media or digital media, without prejudice to the safety and dignity of the person or the state, all hope. But with the expectation of all, the living creatures in the dark do not sit. So they need the law to control them.

The eleventh national parliamentary elections in front. The nation will have to decide again to survive. That decision is basically in the hands of the younger generation. They will decide that we will take the path of technology-based prosperity to take the vision of a knowledge-based economy in 2041, or go against the perpetrators of terror, militant, education-peace-progress, anti-party alliance, and death.

Awami League should also be understood as a party – in 2006, when BNP-Jamaat emigrated, then how much was the internet user in Bangladesh and how much time it was at this time. At that time it was not possible to reach the common people through the literal sense of the Internet.

At that time, due to the emergency, when no political statement was being made in the media, Sajeeb Wazed, on the internet, had made an appeal to the blogosphere, but we could not reach the people of the country too much. There was not a great opportunity for mass people through the medium of publicity or propaganda. That is why social media did not play a role in political events at that time.

The reality of today is totally different. In overall consideration, social media will play the most powerful role in the forthcoming election. There is no doubt about this. Not just social media, all information technology will be used in the publicity. Because the negative news is popular, so there will be opportunities for propaganda, propaganda opportunities will be much more than that.

So many of our leaders have a kind of complacency with the promotion of online promotion from the pride of Satyabrata, that has to come out of it. There will be more vocals in online field promotion. Apart from promoting positive work of development, apart from responding to rumors, rumors have to be faced, along with the people will be told by the horror memories of the time of BNP-Jamaat and the data of the present data.

Apart from the centralized initiatives, the volunteers should support the initiatives taken by the party volunteers. Every election will collect employees from every village in the area, prepare them together, train them together, campaign regularly. Regular training should be continued.

Sufi Faruk
Information Technology, Awami League activists

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