ISP Setup Manual (Section Overview)

Section: Preparing Yourself
This section will give essential ideas on choosing right OS for servers. It describes step-by-step installation and booting factors of Linux OS. Managing services in Linux is also included. A rich collection of different package management procedure is described in details. It includes a hands-on practical session for building an Ethernet LAN. Some essential procedures for configuring and troubleshooting networking facilities in Linux are also added. This section will help newcomers to prepare themselves for this book.

Section: Network Planning & Designing
Every network requires a structured planning and designing before deployment. If that requires internet access, the internet connectivity factors should be included into the plan. This section includes a practical design of ISP network including internet connectivity backbone. It includes traffic routing and bandwidth management mechanism. All possible bandwidth distribution media added into the design. A discussion on power management is also present in this section. Everything is presented with a comparative study. Procedures of selecting equipments are added in details. This section will help readers to plan and design his network.

Section: Resource Collection
This section describes procedures of collecting hardware and other virtual resources. It also includes procedures of obtaining government licenses. A discussion about market and purchase conditions is also present. This section will help readers to find out correct equipment for his organization.

Section: ISP End
This section is all about setting up ISP’s own network. Within this section readers will learn to set up all equipment and services of ISP end. This process is actually preparing services for clients. It includes setting up VSAT and all other services, which will be provided to clients. This section will help the readers to set up all equipments and services step-by-step.

Section: Distribution
Ready services should be distributed to the clients. This section describes all equipments and services for distributing services to clients. It includes configuration of equipments and services. Accounting and billing procedures are added in details. This section will make readers capable to develop a good distribution system for ISP.

Section: Maintenance
Every network requires a regular maintenance. This section includes details of essential maintenance procedures. Storage maintenance, remote resource access, user management, log management and some other management objects are discussed in details. A details job automation system is added as a part of management. As kernel is the most important part of your server OS, kernel maintenance is included in details.

Section: Monitoring
Monitoring is a regular task for all network system. It is mandatory when the system is dedicated to public service. This section describes popular monitoring procedures in practical approach. It also includes practical sessions on some network management standard like SNMP. SNMP data monitoring is demonstrated using MERG. This section will help readers to make a user friendly and dependable monitoring (as well as reporting) system.

Section: Essential Security
Security is the main concern, when an organization deals with public information. In this section essential security threats and measures are described in details. It includes on-hand practical session on system security. Discussion about UNIX security utilities (as well as some third party utilities) is included. This section will help readers to secure their network.

Section: Client End Setup
Client End setup is a very important part of ISP service. This section describes in details about connecting clients and splitting services. It also includes some advanced technologies like DVB. It demonstrates an optimized server configuration for client network. This section will help readers to understand the requirement of client network and procedures to satisfy them.

Glossary: Basic Networking
This glossary section includes some introductory terms of networking. This is actually for beginner level network personnel.

APPENDIX 1: Additional Information Source
This appendix is actually a source of further information about discussed topics. If readers have intention to learn more on discussed topics, they can collect necessary resources from this list.

APPENDIX 2: Equipment Catalog
This appendix is a helpful address book for equipments and resources for ISP. It will help readers to find out resources for his network.

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